Why You Should Only Choose Shot Blasted Steel Edging

Why You Should Only Choose Shot Blasted Steel Edging

When you select landscape edging, you will be looking for a product that offers the performance you want without a ridiculous price tag, and this essentially narrows your options to steel and aluminum. While you may think that aluminum is the ideal choice, there is a lot to like about steel edging when you choose steel that has been properly prepared—such as with shot blast steel surface preparation. This process blast shots and prepares steel with an acid spray followed by powder coat application, which is designed to stand up to the elements and look great for a lifetime, while offering the durability that only heavyweight aluminum can provide. Here’s a closer look at why this should be your edging of choice when you opt for steel landscaping materials.

Delamination is the loss of the finish on powder coated steel, which is common with the conventional method of pre-washing and powder coating. This can result in unsightly flaking and chipping of the product, as well as shifting of landscape edging and other functional issues. Shot blast steel edging is designed to resist delamination, so it retains its coat for much longer.

Steel is heavier than aluminum, so it can be more durable and reliable in certain applications. Of course, with steel you have the concern of rust destroying your landscape edging, but the shot blast process mitigates that.

Shot blasting is a three-step process, which begins with blast cleaning to remove all impurities from the metal, such as dirt, rust scale, mill scale, and old paint. By preparing the product this way before applying an acid coat and powder coat finish, rust doesn’t stand a chance, since the metal itself is well prepared and the coating will stick to keep it protected for years.

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