Eco-Friendly Pest Protection to Match Your Environmentally-Friendly Landscape Design

Eco-Friendly Pest Protection to Match Your Environmentally-Friendly Landscape Design

You’ve taken the time to select sustainable materials for your landscape design, incorporate native plant life to reduce water consumption, and utilize organic soils to start a garden. With all this effort on reducing the environmental impact of your yard, you won’t want to resort to toxic pesticides and harmful chemicals to keep unwanted pests out of your garden and other landscape features. Fortunately, there are many different eco-conscious pest control solutions that can keep your plants free of invaders and your environmental impact low.

Pest-Deterrent Plant Selections

Certain plants will attract bugs and insects, while others can do just the opposite. Many herbs, including chives, dill, and bay leaves, will repel unwanted bugs, such as flies, aphids, slugs, and squash bugs. Fennel and lemon balm are also great pest-reducing additions to your yard.

Pheromone and Sticky Traps

Pheromone traps attract pests with chemical scents that mimic the pests’ own aromas, so critters are drawn away from areas where they might lay eggs or otherwise do damage. Sticky traps use glue to trap insects, and they can be strategically placed around gardens and other vulnerable areas of your landscape.

Natural Soap Solutions

If insects are wreaking havoc on your leafy plants, diluted soap can keep them away without damaging the plants themselves. Simply add a few drops of all-natural soap to a spray bottle with water and spray affected areas to get rid of insects that feast on plant leaves and flowers.

With products from the J D Russell Company in your landscape design, you can rest assured that you are supporting American manufacturing with eco-friendly practices in mind. Our rubber joints are 100% recyclable, and our other edging products are crafted sustainably with long-lasting durability in mind. To learn more, visit us online or call 800-888-7425.