Identifying the Right Landscape Materials for Hot, Dry Climates

Identifying the Right Landscape Materials for Hot, Dry Climates

Even the most beautiful landscape design will fall short if it is not ready to stand up to the elements, and that can mean something different, depending on the climate in your area. In regions where there are many months of high temperatures and dry conditions, landscape materials as well as plant life should be able to stand up to the climate and resist damage from the sun. Here is a look at some tips on choosing the right materials for your project so that you invest wisely.

Understand the Potential Impact of Heat

Though hot, dry weather doesn’t present risks like rot and mold, it can cause cracks and splitting in certain types of material. As you look for edging and liners to create the foundation for your landscape, seek products that have been treated to withstand high heat.

Consider Paints and Coatings

Along with heat damage, you should think about the damage that UV rays can do to exposed surfaces. Fade-resistant paints or powder coat paint is an important feature to look for, because these finishes will stand the test of time, even with full sun exposure.

Consult the Local Professionals

When you aren’t sure what to include in your landscape, consult a professional in your area. Different regions can vary dramatically in their lawn and landscape care needs, so you should consult an expert during the planning stages, even for DIY projects.

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