Why You Shouldn’t Try to Cut Corners with Inexpensive Landscaping Materials

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Cut Corners with Inexpensive Landscaping Materials

There’s a right time and a wrong time to trade in quality for a good deal. If you’re looking for tools and equipment to work on your landscaping, it’s the wrong time. You can tell when low quality equipment was used by looking at the finished product, but sometimes the job is never finished at all and is instead constantly in need of repair. Here’s why you shouldn’t cut corners with inexpensive landscaping materials.

Poor Aesthetics

If you don’t use the right materials for the job, the results are probably not going to come out the way you had planned. Inexpensive materials are inexpensive for a reason, and they’re usually a lot more difficult to work with than even mid-range landscaping materials. If you want to boost your curb appeal and cultivate a yard or garden you can be proud of, don’t just choose the cheapest materials you can find.

Unfinished Jobs

Another drawback of inexpensive materials is that they’re not known to last for very long. They might break while you’re using them, even if they’re brand new. This can put your project on hold until you can go out and get better, stronger materials, and even then, you’re still spending more money than you would have if you went with higher quality materials in the first place.

Frequent Repairs

Even if your inexpensive materials don’t break as you’re using them, you shouldn’t expect them to last as long as their more expensive, higher quality counterparts. You’ll probably have to do more work to maintain your results, and you may need to keep spending money on repairs.


Sometimes cutting corners may seem like a worthwhile idea, but not when it comes to your landscaping. Instead of setting yourself up for potential failure, work with the professionals at JD Russell to get the equipment you need. Give us a call at (800) 888-7425 or head over to our website and check out our products.