Duraedge (Original & Heavy Duty)

Product Description

DURAEDGE is American-made steel landscape edging manufactured by The J D Russell Company. Our DURAEDGE is available unpainted or in your choice of color. JDR uses an electrostatically applied powder coat paint for color that will withstand wear and tear.

Reasons to use DURAEDGE

  • VERSATILE: It can be used to separate all types of media. Colors, patterns and textures add dimension.
  • FUNCTIONAL: It creates clean crisp lines of separation. DURAEDGE provides excellent clarity of line when distinction is essential.
  • PRACTICAL: Installation is permanent, crack proof and crushproof. DURAEDGE is economical and easy to install.

The J D Russell Company is able to custom fabricate DURAEDGE to meet your specific needs. For your convenience we keep these common sizes and colors readily available.


See DURAEDGE Accessories for Tree Rings, End Pieces, and other supplies to customize your DURAEDGE design.


Product Dimensions

Size: 14Ga. 12Ga. 1/8″ 3/16″ 1/4″
Depth: 4″ or 6″ 4″ or 6″ 4″ or 6″ 4″ or 6″ 5″ or 6″
Length: 8′ or 10′ 8′ or 10′ 10′ or 16′ 10′ or 16′ 10′ or 16′
Stakes per Piece
8 FT 4 4
10 FT 4 4 4 4 4
16 FT 6 6 7
Stake Depth: 12″ or 14″ 12″ or 14″ 14″ or 16″ 16″ 16″

Product Type
Landscape Edging

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