Zipstrip,Keyway & Voidcap


Zipstrip,Keyway & Voidcap

Product Description


This flexible polyethylene strip is nailed to a form or header before pouring. When stripped out later, a keyway is left in the concrete. Used to lock multiple on grade slabs together in tilt-up buildings, industrial floors, curbs, driveways and wherever specified. Will not split, chip or crack in any temperature.


Used anywhere a separation or control joint is required. Finished to the top of grade, zip off the top strip and finish.


A polystyrene cap with a removable top. When placed over asphalt impregnated expansion joint, the top section can be separated from the bottom section creating a 1/2″ x 1/2″ void on the surface of the concrete. Polysulfide rubber of Thiokol can be poured into the void on top of the remaining cap. The cap act as a barrier eliminating migration of chemical seepage to the surface of the concrete.


Product Type
Concrete Accessories

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