Shot Blast Steel Preparation


Shot Blast Steel Preparation

Product Description

RUST and PAINT DELAMINATION is an all-too-common occurrence on edging materials. Not only does it look bad, it affects the integrity of your landscape installations. The conventional method of pre-washing and powder coating the steel does little to eliminate the rust and scale that causes the problem.



The J D Russell Company is the first and only landscape edging manufacturer in the nation to use the Blastec shot blast system. The process removes scale, rust and other contaminants from the steel prior to powder coating. Using a 3 stage process, the steel is shot blasted, coated with phosphoric acid, then powder coated. This enables the paint to adhere properly to the metal surface ensuring a professional look that lasts far longer than our competitors.



SSPC 5.1.4 Blast Cleaning – For the removal of all dirt, grease, rust scale, foreign material and mill scale, rust, old paint and slag to the extent that staining is limited to light shadows , slight streaks, or minor discolorations caused by stains of rust, stains of mill scale, or stains of previously applied paint. Bare steel surfaces have a layer of iron oxide that must be removed before powder coating will adhere to the bare steel. Blast cleaning shall be performed in accordance with SSPC Surface Preparation Specification 6. After blasting operations are completed, all surfaces shall be cleaned of blasting products and other residue by the use of compressed air or vacuumed.


How Shot Blast Works

How Shot Blast Works

The following photos are an example of what can happen if the steel is not properly prepared using our shot blasting process.


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Shot Blast Steel Preparation

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