Creating More Greenspace in Urban Developments

Creating More Greenspace in Urban Developments

Between businesses and people as individuals, there has been a strong push towards healthier, greener, more renewable and sustainable alternatives for years. Now we’re seeing the progress and reaping the benefits because of these efforts. If you’re looking to create more greenspace for urban developments, read on and see why it helps, what you can do, and who to talk to.

Why It Helps
There’s no such thing as too much growth for an urban development, especially when it comes to the greenery. More plant life means more oxygen and better air quality. Trees and plants contribute to the air we breathe in a positive way, so they’re extremely valuable for urban developments. To counteract the pollution from cars and businesses, we need to create more greenspace for these areas.

How to Do It
Creating more greenspace isn’t always easy, but it’s entirely possible for urban developments. By purchasing materials from green businesses and using them properly, we can add more foliage to up and coming urban neighborhoods that need it the most. Know your suppliers, choose a business that provides environmentally friendly materials, and use them to leave a positive mark on your neighborhood.

Who to Trust
If your goal is to be more responsible and friendly towards the environment, then you should think about who you partner up with. By doing a small amount of research and being cognizant of the businesses you work with, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the world that you’ll leave for future generations. When you buy your landscaping and construction products, purchase them from a company that shares your values and cares about the planet.

At JD Russell, we’d be happy to help bring more greenery to urban developments. Our website has an overview of the products we offer, but you can also call us at (800) 888-7425 if you have any questions about our products, services, or business.